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Essential Oils for Congestion Relief

The Benefits of Using Essential Oils for Natural Congestion Relief

If your nose and/or sinuses are congested and you’re fighting constant sinus drainage, you may be wondering about the benefits of essential oils for sinus infections and other issues.
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How to Use Palo Santo Essential Oil Spray

How to Use Palo Santo Essential Oil Spray

Many people find the aroma of palo santo relaxing, so it’s commonly used to ease stress. It’s thought to have a purifying, cleansing effect on the body and mind. 
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Natural Essential Oils to Use as Mosquito Repellant

Natural Essential Oils to Keep the Bugs Away

In this blog post, we will explore how natural solutions can be used as a repellent for insects (and why they're better than chemicals). Read on to learn more about these helpful oils and how you can use them to enjoy a bug-free summer!

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