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Our Story





Being the best at Una means being free from chemicals, additives, harmful ingredients and artificial fragrances.  It also means living a joy-full life.  To this end, we’ve created products that nourish your body & uplift your soul - allowing you to feel good, look amazing, & actualize your happiest, healthiest self!


Una Biologicals is committed to growing a strong and vibrant community.  We run the Artisan Made program in-store and online, highlighting craftsmen and ensuring artists have access to You, our amazing Una Family.  We proudly sponsor local indie handcrafted programs, mentor youth and women business owners, work with our local farmers, and reinvest in our local community.  Shopping small uplifts us all!


Being woman owned is part of our identity and means more to us than the obvious.  As a woman at the helm, I take pride in reducing barriers to mothers re-entering the workforce, ensuring a multi-generational workplace where people of all ages can learn from each other, and in creating a safe workplace for all genders.  At Una Biologicals we believe in a culture where success includes wellness, compassion & cooperation.

As a gal in our community, I value Una’s opportunity to provide programming and workshops that lift people, create spaces for growth & learning, and encourage connections within our community.  Naturally, we’re also committed to supporting other women owned businesses, and creating opportunities to highlight these women, and their products, whenever possible.  

As a mama & a CEO, I view Una as a platform to show the younger generations how to set your own terms, show up for yourself (and those important to you), and work towards a greater good.


Giving back is a way of life at Una.  It’s just the right thing to do.  Every year Una Biologicals donates to numerous nonprofits that support women & girls, education, wellness in its many forms, and of course sustainability. 

In this time, it is even more important to support those around us, helping our neighbors ensure food, housing security and overall safety.  

In 2020 we began Dolly Days, a campaign of joy + community building + giving back, and we’ve proudly continued to expand this project.  In true Dolly fashion, Dolly Days works to lift spirits, unite people, and support those in need.  To help fund this campaign, we created Diamond Girl body butter - a sparkly feminine homage to Dolly Parton and her philanthropic, fringe wearing, community building ways. For every jar of Diamond Girl we sell, $5 is donated to a non-profit chosen quarterly.


At Una Biologicals, we incorporate environmentally friendly practices into our business every day. Organic, sustainable and fair trade ingredients are the only options (in our opinion).  We use recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging for your products.  We buy containers from American manufacturers and minimize shipping wherever possible.  We use American made and post-consumer paper and shipping products. We are intentional stewards of our earth, and we continually strive to do more.

Simplicity and Wellbeing

Discover the meaning of the name behind the brand.

Meet the team


Fearn is one of our talented boutique staff members and also works at our artisan events. She thinks Jess is the best boss ever! (Fearn may be biased; she's Jess's daughter.) Fearn loves adventure, including skiing and hiking. When she isn't exploring the great outdoors, you might find her watching her favorite movies, The Princess Diaries.


Shannon is a production team member and very likely made your favorite lotion. As an herbalist with a culinary arts background she feels right at home at Herbal HQ.  Shannon loves fantasy novels, all things creative,  getting lost in the woods, and taking Bentley on walks after lunch. 


Dana is our Wholesale Account Manager and believes that Una has the best smelling office ever! Blue delphiniums are her favorite flower because they remind her of fairies. Also, she loves Bentley - she's obsessed with him.


Rebecca is our production team lead and resident soap maker. She works with Jess to design our fabulous soaps and ensures love is in all of your products. She love, love, loves her pets, and always has treats in her pockets (which Bentley is constantly trying to steal).


Charlie kicks it at Herbal HQ as a member of the production team. She is an herbalist with 10 years of experience in the natural health industry. She loves examining tiny things in nature (especially lichens, mushrooms, and snails) and marveling at the moon.


Sarah brings her bright light to the Una Boutique and as our Social Media Manager. Amazing mom, mental health advocate, yoga instructor, chakra therapist and general wellness coach, Sarah does it all.


Bentley is our precious shop dog. He is a consummate professional and a freelance therapy dog. He loves clients, treats, and cozy sweaters.

From Our Chief Joy Guru

CEO Jessica Graves

"I started making organic products years ago out of a personal need for sensitive skin-friendly products plus a deep seated passion for herbs, organics and living our happiest, healthiest lives. That personal practice eventually became a cottage business and has grown since 2008 into Una Biologicals. I am proud of all that we are able to offer our clients and am regularly humbled by their positive accounts and responses to Una Biologicals. I am passionate about helping people find their healthy way of living and have been blessed to be able to work with so many truly amazing people through Una. It is a joy to create happiness and healthfulness for our client-family, one great product at a time."