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Interested in carrying Una Biologicals in your store?
Contact us at info@unabiologicals.com.

Wholesale FAQ

Q. What do I need to become a Wholesale Partner?
A. We look forward to speaking with you! Along with meeting your Una Biologicals wholesale rep, all Wholesale Partners are required to complete on boarding paperwork, providing both your EIN and a current W9.

Q. Do you offer exclusivity?
A. Our priorities are to ensure that our retailers are successful partners and that loyal Una Biologicals clients have easier access to their favorite products. We always take location and proximity to other retailers into consideration when accepting wholesale partners.

Q. What products are available to Stockists?
A. Our retail partners have access to the vast majority of the products we make in-house, as well as seasonal items. Here at Una, we are always working on new and exciting ideas. Our wholesalers will have access to new products as they become available!

Q. Do you offer a Wholesale Subscription Program?
A. We do! We offer an optional Seasonal (Quarterly) Subscription program to our wholesale members. This includes tiered discounts depending on order size. For more information, please email Dana at dlombardo@unabiologicals.com

Q. Do you sell on Faire?
A. Yes! We do use Faire as a selling platform. We ask that all new wholesalers still complete our application so that we can keep you up to date with additional offers and specials throughout the year. To order through Faire, please make sure to use our Partnership Link.


Shop here on Una Biologicals Faire Partnership Link.