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The Benefits of Organic Rose Water and Rose Essential Oil

The Benefits of Organic Rose Water and Rose Essential Oil

If you’re revamping your skincare routine, look to rose for nourished, glowing skin!

"The world is a rose, smell it, and pass it to your friends.” – Persian Proverb

The Persians know a thing or two about roses, having first cultivated them some 5,000 ago! Since then, the scent of roses has been perfuming bodies, soothing hurt feelings, and beguiling hearts all over the world. It's even said that Cleopatra, known to love roses, filled her bedroom chamber with rose petals in order to seduce the Roman general Mark Antony.

And so the rose has long since become a symbol of love, romance, and hope. However, also since ancient times, we’ve understood that roses and rose-products, like rose water, may actually contain medicinal and cosmetic properties. In fact, in his Materia Medica, the first-century AD, Greek medical writer Dioscorides describes the process of making rose oil. The juice from rose petals was used as a rinse for sores in the mouth and gums. Whole flowers, consumed in wine, were taken for stomach aches and diarrhea. And a woman named Metrodora, a Byzantine medical writer, advised the use of rose products to treat inflammation and a host of gynecological issues.

 Organic Rose Water Toner

A Rose by any Other Name...

So if you’re looking to update your skincare routine this year, you may want to consider products containing organic rose water and organic rose essential oil. They can be used as skincare ingredients to help soothe skin irritation and redness, contribute to skin hydration, and more. If you’re curious about adding rose to your skincare lineup, consider rose face mist and rose essential oil products. Here are some of the top benefits of these skincare products, and how to use them.  

Skin Benefits Rose Water - Anti Inflammatory

Rose is Anti-Inflammatory

If your skin is irritated because of inclement weather, air pollutants, over-exfoliation, or a chemical peel gone wrong, you can introduce some much-needed relief with a rose skincare product. For sustained irritation, you can start introducing a rose essential oil ahead of your daytime and nighttime moisturizer to make fighting irritation a daily occurrence. For a quick shot of anti-inflammation, consider using a mist of rose water for the face to supply fast relief to your irritated skin. 

Benefits Rose Water Face Reduces Redness

Reduces Skin Redness

Skin can become red for a number of reasons, including heat, weather and sun exposure, momentary irritation, or because of chronic conditions like eczema and rosacea. If you want to reduce redness in your skin, rose’s anti-inflammatory properties will help. It’s also anti-bacterial, which makes rose great for acne-prone skin or skin that is already experiencing a breakout. 

High in Antioxidants

Rose is high in antioxidants, which means that introducing it to your skincare routine can also help protect your cells from potential damage. Preventing future cell damage means healthier, brighter skin for you in the long term. 

Organic Rose Water for Anti Aging

Helps Fight Visual Signs of Aging and Maintains Elasticity

If fighting visible signs of aging is at the top of your skincare wish list, you’re definitely going to want to consider rosehip seed oil as new skincare ingredient. Rose has been shown to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and helps to maintain elasticity. Plus, its anti-inflammatory properties and hydrating potential means that you’ll be fighting dry, flaky skin—two leading factors in the creation of wrinkles, lines, and other signs of aged skin. The result of consistent rose use is youthful, vibrant skin. 

Helps Hydrate and Nourish Dry Skin

Rose oil and rosewater are both naturally occurring hydrators. They help enrich dry or very dry skin with much-needed moisture, creating a healthy, glowing complexion with continued use. It may also be wise to start including a rose water for faces in your skincare routine around wintertime if you know that you suffer from dry or flaky skin as a result of the dry, cold air. 

Organic Rose Water and Rose Essential Oils Help Reduce Large Pores

Smooths and Tightens Pores

If your intended skin goal is a smooth, airbrushed look with no filter, organic rosewater and rose essential oil may be your new best friends. Rose face mist helps break up the residue or toxins that can clog your pores daily, and also helps diminish the look of especially large pores. Rose’s ability to clarify and decongest pores also contributes to an overall smooth look with smaller, tighter pores. 

Use Rose Water to Help Set Your Makeup

Can Refresh Your Face or Set Your Makeup

Rose water facial spray is the perfect one-size-fits-all product that can achieve multiple benefits with one spritz. This facial spray can be used as a toner after cleansing, helping your skincare treatments and masks work even more effectively. You can also use rose water spray to set your makeup—spray a bit on your face after makeup application to help it sink in and last long without creating tight, dry skin. The Una Biologicals Rose Water Face Mist is a great, low-cost way to incorporate rosewater into your skincare lineup. This Una Biologicals spray is aromatic and aromatherapeutic, meaning each spritz will be like a miniature spa vacation, melting away stress while you glean amazing skincare benefits. 

 “Of all the flowers, me thinks a rose is best." - William Shakespeare.

If you make one skincare move this year, make it the inclusion of organic rosewater and rose essential oil. This small but mighty natural skincare ingredient not only smells wonderful, but it also has numerous benefits to your skin's look, tone, texture, and clarity. Rose is a gentle skincare component that is well suited even to sensitive, dry, or acne-prone skin types, making it a universal skincare superhero. 

All Una Biologicals products are Gluten Free, Vegetarian friendly, and many are Vegan. We never test on animals. Please visit our website for more information about our wide variety of products. And if you enjoyed this blog, please feel free to share it on any of your social media! 

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