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5 Ways to Honor and Celebrate Summer Solstice

5 Ways to Honor and Celebrate Summer Solstice

 Summer Solstice arrives this year on Wednesday, June 21st at 10:58 am EDT.  While it is the longest day of sunlight in the year, it is also so much more than this.  It is a time when we can feel a stronger connection to our bodies and to nature.  Foods and plants are ripe, light and energy abounds, and the flowers are in bloom.  It's a beautiful and alluring time for abundance and nourishment.  So how can we celebrate with our planet?  Here are some ways to make the most of this day.   

  1. Journal and reflect on your year. It is the season of fire so it might be a good time to reflect upon the fire within you.  What are your passions?  Are you taking steps to insure you're infusing those passions into your life?  What about you is powerful and fierce?  How can you express gratitude to yourself for these aspects of your spirit?

  1. Spend time in nature. Get outside!  This can be as simple as stepping onto the ground in your bare feet to connect your energy with the earth's.  Spending even a few minutes barefoot on the soil can change your whole vibe.  According to myglobalviewpoint.com, barefoot grounding allows us to absorb ions from the earth that not only help us physically by reducing inflammation, improving sleep, and increasing blood flow; but it also improves our mental wellbeing.  Grounding releases endorphins which improves our mood.  Maybe do your journaling and reflecting while grounding to be more open to Mother Earth's messages to us!


  1. Fire (taking all necessary safety measures). Whether you light a candle or build a full blown bonfire, bringing fire into your celebration can be a powerful tool. When fire occurs naturally in the forest, it is destructive, but in that destruction, it gets rid of debris and other damaging things that prevent growth.  It enriches the soil and allows for new growth.  Keeping this in mind, we can use it in a safe setting to do the same for ourselves.  Write down a few things that you're needing to release and let go of in order to enrich your own soil for new growth.  With intention and focus, release these bits of paper into the fire and watch it do it's magic.

  1. Commune with loved ones with a prepared bounty.  Visit your local farmers market to purchase some delicious locally grown produce.  Encourage your loved ones to do the same.  Come together for a meal using the beautiful gifts the earth has given in this season!  Try seasonal dishes like a cucumber salad or a pineapple mango mocktail.  Take a few moments together to talk about what each of you is grateful for in this chapter of your lives and what offerings you're brining to the table for all to enjoy!

  1. Get your cards read. It's a powerful day when our planet is aligned with the sun at it's zenith straight overhead. Use this time to ask the universe your burning questions.  Or simply ask what message you're in need of!  If you can't get to a professional reader, anyone can pull their own cards and there are so many amazing decks you can choose from.  Check some beautiful ones out here: https://unabiologicals.com/collections/card-decks  Select the one you're most drawn to for the most accurate readings!

     No matter how you choose to celebrate, we hope you spend this time finding your own joy!

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