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What Is A Crystal Grid? How To Make It, The Benefits Of Using It And More!

What Is A Crystal Grid? How To Make It, The Benefits Of Using It And More!

Rock hounds have been collecting crystals and using them in jewelry and home decor since forever. But people have also been healing with crystals for centuries. Different crystals channel different energies and help us stay connected to the earth while aligning us with the universal energy. Just wearing or being near a crystal or combination of crystals will impart their healing power and imprint their intention on our inner selves. 

You can take it a step further, though, if you want to, by setting intentions with your crystals. An intention is a prayer or a desire. It can be a quality you want to attract more of into your life or it can be something that you are trying to manifest, such as a new job. For example, common intentions include courage, healing, abundance, clarity, peace, love, or joy. Choose an intention that is strong in your heart. 

When you set an intention, the individual power of each crystal joins the collective power of the other crystals in a laser-focused, highly charged beam of energy towards your prayer. One of the best ways to elevate your crystal practice is to learn how to make a crystal grid.


What Is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is an arrangement that enhanes the crystals' energies

A crystal grid is simply an intentional arrangement of crystals in a symmetrical design that enhances the crystals’ energies. The sacred geometric pattern helps to direct this energy more effectively. Sacred geometry uses patterns that are found throughout nature, such as spiral sea shells, and eastern religions such as mandalas. Combining these sacred patterns with the crystals synergistically increases the potency when compared to either one used alone.

Like a battery, they help store and direct the energy. The number of possible patterns are as limitless as the patterns found in nature or the night sky. However, there are popular ones that you can start with while you learn how to charge crystals with intentions and use grids to help you reinforce your spiritual work. There are no "wrong" grids and committing strongly to your intention will help you choose a grid that is in alignment with your desires. 

There are some generalities that you can start off with, for example:

  • Circle grids: Help with protection
  • Square grids: Help with setting and implementing boundaries 
  • Multiples of 3 grids: Help with manifestation of goals
  • Multiples of 4 grids: Help with clarity and finding direction
  • Vesica Piscis: Brings balance or attracts love.
  • Seed of Life: Can be used to attract abundance. 

The easiest way to create a grid is to use a layout that is printed on paper or cloth. You can simply place the stones on top of the printed grid. However, you can also use a grid as a visual to help you place your crystals without a printout.

How to Choose Your Crystals

You'll need a center crystal, activation crystal, and smaller crystals

Like choosing a grid, the crystals you select should ideally be chosen to support your intention. There are many resources that will help guide your choice. You’ll need a center crystal, activation crystal, and smaller crystals to fill in the space. Choosing your focus stone is especially important, as this will be the stone that concentrates all the energies of the other stones and shoots the intention out into the universe. When creating a grid, each crystal will play a different role, and you’ll want to keep this in mind.

On our Una Biologicals website we offer two books that will be helpful:

  • The Beginner's Guide to Crystals by Lisa Butterworth. This full-color, photographic guide illuminates more than 60 stunning crystals and their emotional, spiritual, and physical healing benefits. The crystal profiles contain accessible information on color, chakra, origin, unique magical healing qualities, and uses at work, at home, and in your personal life.
  • The Illustrated Crystallary by Maia Toll. This magical book explores the mystical qualities of 36 fascinating crystals. It combines bits of ancient wisdom with the author's own insights and illuminates the aspects and energy of each stone and, through rituals and reflections, the life guidance it might offer contemporary readers. Stunning illustrations by Kate O’Hara magnify the symbolism of each crystal.

A quick guide to some of the more popular crystals are:

  • Clear quartz: The master healer; supports the entire energetic system, boosts other crystals
  • Rose quartz: The stone of love; encourages love and trust
  • Jasper: Nurturing stone; provides support during times of stress
  • Obsidian: Emotions; helps process emotions and experiences; aids in letting go
  • Amethyst: Healing, purifying, and enhancing willpower
  • Bloodstone: Circulation; provides support to blood-related issues
  • Tiger’s eye: Motivation; helps with determination and lessens fear (think Rocky!)
  • Citrine: Sparks enthusiasm, creativity, and concentration, prosperity
  • Turquoise: Soothes emotions and attracts good luck, mother energy
  • Sapphire: Prosperity
  • Jade: Prosperity and luck
  • Moonstone: Feelings of inner strength and growth, goddess energy
  • Ruby: Supports sexuality and sensuality

Cleanse Your Crystals

Full Moon/New Moon Cleansings: Working with the powerful energy of the full and new moons is an age-old tradition. Dissolve enough salt in a glass or ceramic bowl until it tastes like the ocean and place your crystals in it. Put it outside beneath the full moon for a night. In addition to clearing your stone, you will also be charging it up with the soft, nurturing light of the moon. Dark moons are a different energy, but also excellent for clearing your crystals. Let them charge up with star energy. Check to be sure that a particular stone is not porous, like opal or selenite, which can be damaged by salt water.

Meditation and Visualization: Sit with your crystal and quiet your mind. Focus on your crystal while visualizing a white light shooting down from the center of the universe, dissolving all the dense, toxic, and negative energies stored within it. Do this until you sense intuitively that your crystal is clear. 

Running Water: This is perhaps the simplest method and great for those crystals that need a daily rinse. Simply run your crystal under running water for several minutes. You can combine the visualization method, mentioned above, and imagine all the dense, negative energies flowing away. You’ll sense when it’s clean. 

Earth: Just as water is a wonderful cleanser, so is the earth. Your inner programming from childhood might make you recoil at the thought of getting your sacred crystals dirty, but remember that they came from the Earth in the first place! Bury your crystals so they are fully covered in soil. The earth will transmute the energies, resetting your crystal to its purest vibration and powering it up with majestic earth vitality. The earth takes longer than the water to fully clear a crystal, so you’ll want to keep your crystal buried for at least 24 hours. 

Smoke/Smudge: Smoke from cleansing plants is another lovely way to clear your crystal. A smudge stick of sage is lit at one end and blown out. Hold your crystal over the smoke, letting all the heavy energies rise out and disperse.


Creating a Crystal Grid

The most important thing is to listen to your intuition

As we said earlier, there's no wrong grid. There are no hardcore rules and the Universe is not going to punish you for not using the "right" grid! The most important thing to remember is to listen to your intuition while you focus on your intention. Think of it as a tool to help you keep your focus and maintain your awareness. As is often the case with spirituality, being overly attached to the outcome can get in the way. Instead, use your crystal grid as a reminder to boost your mood and energy and raise your spirits. 

You can pick a specific design or just go with your intuition. You can draw or paint your crystal grid pattern onto paper or wood. You can even just print them out. Don’t know where to start? A crystal grid can be as simple as a circle or spiral or as complex as the full Seed of Life. You can use a pentagram, cross, Star of David, Merkaba, and more. 

Or you can consult a wonderful book that we carry, An Introduction To Crystal Grids by Karen Frazier. Healing the mind, body, and sacred spirit―a beginner’s guide to the power of crystal grids. It will help you build your skills grid-by-grid so that the collective crystal energy can deliver the change you desire. From the simplest shape (a single circle) to the most complex configuration (flower of life), An Introduction to Crystal Grids gives you the insights and information to achieve your desired manifestation, from aura cleansing to cultivating a work ethic.


Creating a Crystal Grid Ritual

  • Location: Find a tranquil (or as close as possible!) place in your home to set up your crystal grid, preferably free of a lot of movement or disruption. 
  • Intention: Write your intention on a piece of paper such as “I want to invite abundance into my life.” Place it in the center of the grid.
  • Candles and energy tools: Feel free to surround your grid with singing bowls, incense, your favorite candle, or anything you feel helps bring the right energy.
  • Cleanse yourself:  It’s always a good idea to approach energy work with a clean body and clear mind. 
  • Cleanse the space: Cleanse the physical space and clear the energies of where you will be putting your crystal grid. You can smudge, use a bowl of salt, or simply wipe the area plain soap and water.
  • Cleanse the crystals: As mentioned above
  • Charge your crystals: Hold each stone between your palms, close your eyes, focus on your intention, and visualize that specific energy entering the crystal.
  • Set the Mood and Begin: Light your favorite candle or play some music to create the space. Bring your attention to your energy and focus on your intention. 
  • Place Crystals on Grid: Either lay down crystals from the center out or from the outside in. A common preference is to use a larger crystal point or pyramid as the centerpiece. Traditional grid patterns will typically have specific points on the grid to place your crystals. Remember to follow your intuition and remain as consistent and symmetrical as possible.
  • Activate Grid: You can use your finger or another stone to “connect” each stone by touching each one as you draw an invisible line to “connect the dots.”
  • Enjoy! Feel free to meditate to finish setting up your grid. You can also use it as a focal point for meditation. Leave your crystal grids in place for at least 48 hours and up to 40 days. Be sure to re-center your intentions every few days by reconnecting your stones and meditating.



Crystals are treasures from Mother Earth. Displaying them in a crystal grid is a way to focus and amplify their energy and guidance. It’s also an awesome way to beautify your space and an artistic reminder of your intention. 

Visit Una Biologicals for a wide range of books, oracle cards, home goods, and natural products. All Una Biologicals products are Gluten Free, Vegetarian friendly, and many are Vegan. We never test on animals. Please visit our website for more information about our wide variety of products. And if you enjoyed this blog, please free to share it on any of your social media!

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